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What Can Roster Do For You?

Roster has a focus on registration, communication and financial simplicity. Here we will take a more detailed look at how these features can work for your league.


Player registration and season management is the core of the Roster. Our session management tool allows you to create a season, define a registration period, choose the season timeline, registrant fees, divisions, subdivisions and teams.

Registration forms consist of fields that you can define and arrange, allowing you to collect any type of information that can be entered into a text box, drop down menu, check box, etc. You can also have specialized fields that allow players to upload images (such as a photo or a birth certificate) or other files.

Once a player is registered, an account is created for them. If the player uses their account to register again next year, their previous information is remembered and filled in ahead of time for them, allowing them to review and make quick changes before submitting their form.


Our registrant database tool allows you to build custom searches based on every field in your registration forms for any season, division, subdivision or team. You can also save these searches as reports for later use. This allows you to easily manage lists of volunteers, perspective donors and sponsors, issued and returned equipment, unpaid fees, etc.

You can also forward all the players in your search to the communications module, allowing you to quickly get in touch with any registrant on your report.


The communications module automatically builds mailing lists based on user types (league administrators, coaches, and registrants), seasons, divisions, subdivisions and teams, as well as each individual user account registered in your Roster database. It includes support for text messaging at an affordable rate, and free email.

The Intelligent Contacts feature will take any phone number or email address you input, cross reference it against any user account that matches, and add other emails and phone numbers to your mailing list on the fly. This feature can be enabled or disabled whenever it is needed.


We give you the freedom to customize its welcome and information pages using a simple word processor, instead of needing to know web programming languages like HTML. In the future, Roster will allow for the addition of menu and submenu pages, allowing you to administer an entire league website directly from our hosted service.


Roster is fully integrated with PayPal Website Payments Standard and Interac eTransfers. Take advantage of our Managed Payment Services (MPS):

  • sgSports PayPal MPS: Get started receiving online payments from Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and some Debit Cards. No PayPal account setup required!
  • sgSports Interac eTransfers MPS: Allow your registrants to pay using their online banking through the Interac eTransfer system!
  • My PayPal: Setup your own Business PayPal Account, allowing greater payment processing management.

Roster also gives potential sponsors an easy way to donate using your preferred payment option. All payment details are recorded in the Financial module for easy account management, tax receipt generation and exporting to your financial software.


Our Financial module allows easy management of your Accounts Receivable. Various reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel. Detailed transaction records may be exported to Excel, Microsoft Quicken, Inuit QuickBooks, and Sage Simply Accounting.

Using the Transaction Wizard, you can charge or credit any account, and choose whether that transaction is eligible for tax receipt purposes. Transactions are automatically recorded when a player registers, donates or pays online. Cheque information can be stored for players that have yet to register and can then be applied at a later date.


The Roster system sends out a report detailing accounts with outstanding balances at a date of your choosing so that you can chase down delinquent payments before the end of the year. Tax receipts are issued automatically via email on January 1st.

If your league is not a recognized non-profit organization, you can still have receipts automatically generated and emailed to your league members including all account movements over the previous year.


When you sign up with sgSports, your registration platform can be rebranded and customized to appear similar to your homepage. Similarly, you will have the freedom to create your own tax receipt templates with your club's logo and contact information.


February 17, 2014

Today sgSports is excited to launch it's online Webinar progam. Check out our Roster introductory sales presentations, ongoing training programs and more.
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September 26, 2013

At sgSports we are planning our biggest upgrade to Roster yet! The new release is scheduled for February 2014 and is primarily targeted at simplifying the way governing organizations manage multiple leagues.
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